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The purpose of the "DIGITAL MEDIA TOOLS" Program is to strengthen the digital maturity of the country's small and medium-sized enterprises operating in a wide range of sectors of the economy. Through the Program, participating businesses can be strengthened in order to:

  • modernize their productive, commercial and administrative function,
  • upgrade the way of communication and collaboration and introduce new forms of hybrid work (hybrid workplace),
  • digitize electronic transactions with customers and partners, including e-commerce,
  • increase the level of security and trust in electronic transactions,
  • through the exploitation of new digital products and services.

For this purpose, the "DIGITAL MEDIA TOOLS" Program will provide vouchers that will be allocated for the acquisition, through purchase or lease, of new digital tools.
Within the framework of the Program, existing private Enterprises that carry out economic activity are supported, and for which cumulative and among others the following conditions:

  1. They have their headquarters or a branch in the Greek Territory with a Greek VAT number.
  2. They are active on the date of submission of the Program Funding application.
  3. They were founded/constituted before 01.01.2022.
  4. They constitute a legal entity (Public Limited Company, Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership or Limited Partnership, I.K.E, Sole Proprietorship, Social Cooperative Enterprise, Cooperative) or Sole Proprietorship and keep simple or double-copy books.
In its section 2.1 Invitation, all the conditions for participation in the Program are presented in detail. Beneficiaries of the Program are included in the following distinct categories and subcategories based on employment (dependent work):
Category EME
1 0,01 EME < μ ≤ 10 EME
2 10 EME < μ ≤25 EME
3 25 EME < μ ≤ 40 EME
4 40 EME < μ ≤ 250 EME
To confirm compliance with the eligibility criteria, please refer to section 2.3 of Invitation.
The timelines for Potential Beneficiaries and Suppliers are broken down as follows:

Applications for Suppliers to participate in the Program can be submitted on the digital platform from Wednesday, June 22, 2022 and throughout the duration of the Program.

Requests for approval of new digital products and services to be subsidized by the Program are submitted by already approved suppliers until Thursday, June 15, 2023.
Beneficiaries of Categories 1, 2, 3 and 4
Funding applications for beneficiaries who fall into categories one (1), two (2), three (3) and four (4) can be submitted from Wednesday 22 June 2022 until Tuesday 01 November 2022. Issuance and booking of vouchers (by the supplier) for the beneficiaries of categories one (1), two (2), three (3) and four (4), can be done until Monday, July 31, 2023.:

Purchases of digital products and services using the vouchers for the beneficiaries of categories one (1), two (2), three (3) and four (4) can be made until Thursday, August 10, 2023, provided that the a corresponding commitment of the vouchers has been made within the previous deadline.:

Saturday, September 9, 2023 is set as the end date of the cooling off period for which only certain (exceptional) cases of voucher redemption are allowed:

Monday, October 9, 2023 is set as the date of completion of all types of payments and completion of the Program for this specific category of beneficiaries.
Within the framework of the Program, it is possible to use vouchers, based on the size of the business - in terms of employment - and in particular by Business Category. Specifically:
(A) (B) (C) (D)
BUSINESS CLASS Business Size (m) Nominal Value Voucher(s) (Maximum aid amount) Maximum eligible spend Amplification intensity
CATEGORY 1 0.01 EMU < μ ≤ 5 EMU €900,00 €1.000,00 90%
5 EMU < μ ≤ 10 EMU €1.800,00 €2.000,00 90%
CATEGORY 2 10 EMU < μ ≤18 EMU €3.600,00 €4.000,00 90%
18 EME < μ ≤ 25 EME €5.400,00 €6.000,00 90%
CATEGORY 3 25 EMU < μ ≤ 32 EMU €9.000,00 €10.000,00 90%
32 EME < μ ≤ 40 EME €10.800,00 €12.000,00 90%
CATEGORY 4 40 EMU < μ ≤ 50 EMU €13.500,00 €15.000,00 90%
50 EMU < μ ≤ 250 EMU €18.000,00 €20.000,00 90%
It is pointed out that the amount of the aid/cash-out amount cannot exceed:

  • her nominal value of the voucher, as reflected in column (B) and,
  • its 90% actual cost of the supplied digital products and services.
The costs supported under the Program may not be supported by any other source, National or European. For more information regarding the eligibility rules of expenditure, please consult section 6.3 of Invitation. Illustrative examples of expenditure eligibility checks and aid calculation are provided in section 6.4 thereof Invitation.
The application is submitted by a company representative who legally owns the company's access codes (username & password) to the AADE tax services (taxisnet information system). In order to enter the Electronic Aid Management Platform (EBMA) and create a new application, the applicant must confirm the identity of the business using the corporate passwords in Taxsinet. For that reason

  • First of all, he provides his consent for the processing of the necessary data in the context of submitting, checking and approving the Grant Application, and declares that he has received knowledge and agrees-complies with the terms and procedures of the Program.
  • Goes to the secure environment of the General Secretariat of Public Sector Information Systems (GISS) to register the corporate credentials in the user authentication service.
For more information regarding the funding application process, please consult section 12 of Invitation.
For the selection of the interested companies, a check is carried out on compliance with the conditions for participation in the Program (confirmation of eligibility) and a comparative evaluation of the eligible proposals, based on the evaluation criteria, which are analyzed in section 7.1 of Invitation.

The evaluation process is carried out automatically through the Program's Information System.  For more information regarding the evaluation process and the issuance of results, please consult sections 7.2 and 7.3 of Invitation.

After the completion of the above procedures, the inclusion decision is issued with the final ranking and definition of the applications that can be financed by the Program.  Upon the issuance of the decision, beneficiaries are informed via electronic communication.
The process of purchasing subsidized solutions briefly follows the following steps:

  1. Receive a voucher
  2. Selection of products/services and suppliers
  3. Ordering products/services – Booking vouchers
  4. Payment of products/services – Vouchers redemption
It is possible to cancel the transaction by the beneficiary after the vouchers have been redeemed. For more information regarding the process of purchasing subsidized digital solutions, please consult section 13 of Invitation.